Nature writing is rarely lucrative. Exploring and presenting the biodiversity of our region is our passion, not our profession. Redhorse is a labor of love, and without backing from our readers and conservation-minded supporters, we can’t publish the print editions. With Volume 001, published in April 2015, we provided 60 pages of high quality artwork, journal design and essays.

We would like to publish Volume 002 in April 2016, and it would be even bigger with perfect-bound binding which will look good on your shelf! But without direct support from you, we can’t go to print.


Belt Publishing funded the first edition at a loss, while David and I provided the design and content of the journal at no cost. While nature writing may not be profitable, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. If you have read the essays and seen the artwork, you know that David and I love doing this. And we want to continue.

To support the publication of Redhorse Volume 002, you can provide direct underwriting of the next edition and will be listed as a supporter of the publication. We have started an account on Patreon, which is kind of like a Kickstarter for writers and artists. Check it out.

Also, if your company or organization would be interested in underwriting, we would provide sponsorship opportunities for Volume 002.

If interested, please reach out to Matt Stansberry.