These are stories of warblers migrating from the tropics to Toledo, the tiny joys living in the creeks of Lake County, the diversity and abundance of fish swimming through Cleveland, and a fungus killing our hibernating bats. They are stories about bugs and the people who love them, and the last wild places in Ohio and the misguided fools who would ruin them.

The essays and images in Redhorse present the wildlife of Lake Erie as it exists today. These are the shockingly wild inhabitants of our landscape. Volume 001 collects the first six essays by Belt’s North Coast Biodiversity columnists, Matt Stansberry and David Wilson, plus other collected essays and artwork.

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Copies are also available at the Learned Owl in Hudson and Mac’s Backs in Cleveland.

Review for Volume 001:

I just received my copy of Redhorse, and I am so delighted with it that I’m ordering more copies to give away to friends and relations. Redhorse is excellently written and beautifully illustrated. In addition, it is an outstanding example of book design, an attribute that has nearly disappeared in our era of global mass-production. The quality of the essays is uniformly high, and they are all interesting, each in its own way. Taken together, they reinforce the importance of working for the conservation of the Lake Erie watershed. Matt Stansberry explains cogently why children need to be outdoors and close to nature and how they instinctively respond and learn from it. The pictures and the words interact, enriching his ideas and experiences. With him we rejoice in the coming of spring, we mourn the passing of our bats, we are awed by the life teeming in the cold, clear creeks of Lake County, and we come away with a deep respect and reverence for the wisdom of those who not long before us preserved and protected our natural heritage.