Sound of Applause Interview: Redhorse

Earlier this month, Redhorse was featured on WCPN Ideastream’s Sound of Applause with Dee Perry. Check out the interview for some insight about how my early experiences influenced me as a nature writer. A lot of the interview is about fishing, most of which I’ve done with these guys.

Dad and Brother

Take a listen and let us know what you think.


Floodplains: Online Fly Fishing Magazine

A lot of the work we do for Redhorse focuses on birds, insects, plants or environmental topics. But the activity that started it all — the reason I write about nature and wildlife — is fishing. And specifically, I’ve been obsessed with fly fishing since I was about 12 years old.

Before I moved back to Ohio, I founded a fly fishing blog in Oregon and wrote for The Fly Fish Journal. I had big plans to start a Lake Erie fly fishing blog, but I found that with three kids, I just wasn’t fishing enough to fill a website with content. Fast forward three years, and I’ve met up with two conservation minded anglers and convinced my artist-collaborator David Wilson to start fly fishing. Continue reading